Lombardi Walk/Run


On June 8th, 2013 Nev’s Ink participated in the Lombardi Walk/Run to fight cancer. This is our second year of participating in this event. The event was held at the Milwaukee County Zoo, where 39 co-workers and family members walked or ran. Nev’s Ink ranked 4th place overall by raising $5,617, well exceeding our team goal of $5,000! 


This walk was dedicated to one of our co-workers who lost his fight with cancer. 

Free Labels

Nev’s Ink is proud to support the efforts of charities and non-profits who provide medical services to those in need. We are big believers in “giving back” and every month we do our best to honor requests for free medical labels or medical tapes.


How do I know which thermal label material I need?

There are two types of thermal labels: thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels. Both label types use a thermal printer that applies heat to the labels. The difference is that thermal transfer labels are printed with a ribbon. Direct thermal labels are more sensitive to heat and light, which makes a thermal transfer label a better choice for a longer lasting image.

A very easy yet effective way to determine whether your labels are direct thermal or thermal transfer, is to scratch your nail across the label surface. If a mark is left, your labels are direct thermal (no ribbon needed). If no mark is left, your labels are thermal transfer.


Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) Show


(Nev’s Ink booth at the 2013 CLMA show)

Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) is an international association of clinical laboratory professionals. Their mission is to empower laboratory professionals leadership through education, networking, and advocacy opportunities. We are honored as Nev’s Ink to be apart of this event. It allows us to educate and promote our products to the laboratory world.

Please visit us at www.nevsink.com to learn more about our products.

Dissolvable Labels

A concern when dealing with food is that labels may be ingested; these ingenious products, dissolvable labels, remove any concern from labeling food items. Day labels are all available as dissolvable labels. Furthermore, there are other food storage labels that allow the food preparers to fill in the product, date, prepared by, and for information. Dissolvable labels are ingenious because any concern for the safety of a patient is removed when dissolvable labels are used. Dissolvable labels can be customized to whatever needs you have. Call (800) 638-7465 to order dissolvable labels in the colors, shapes, sizes and with the imprint you desire.

Nev’s Ink, Inc.

Auxiliary Labels

Pharmacy auxiliary labels for drugs are used by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as an extra means of communicating important information. Unfortunately, many people are not able to absorb all of the detailed information that a pharmacist covers when dispensing medication to a patient; thus, pharmacy auxiliary labels for drugs are utilized to reiterate this information. Examples of pharmacy auxiliary labels for drugs include Not For InjectionDosage StrengthKeep In RefrigeratorDo Not Use After, and Keep In Refrigerator Do Not Freeze. These facts are important for a patient to know, and fortunately enough, auxiliary labels for drugs are available for pharmacists to utilize to convey all information necessary to their patients. Pharmacy auxiliary labels for drugs can make the difference between a medication effectively treating a patient and, possibly, further harming a patient.